Microwave popcorn with a paper bag


Today we have decided to eat popcorn, it’s been a long time since last time we ate as we cannot use the one’s sold on the supermarkets because they are not fructose free nor dairy free. And I am too lazy to make them atop the stove.

Yesterday I ran across this post   where it explains how to make microwave popcorn on a paper bag, so today we have given it a try.


It’s quite simple to make them, just put the corn inside a square of wax paper, wrap it around and place it on a paper bag, I use the ones that they give me at the greengrocer’s. Finally we staple it twice and microwave it on hight for about 3 minutes, my trick is to wait until the pops are less frequent then is when I stop the microwave.

The results are amazing, as good as the ones on the supermarkets but far more healty!!. In fact I have had no time to take a photo… they have just disappeared!!

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