Lemon mousse cake with gluten-free biscuits base


This weekend we had a lunch on a country house, and the easiest way we can eat desert is by making it ourselves. So, I had to think about something to cook… and this time it also had to be gluten-free and chocolate-free…

I’ve decided to make a lemon mousse cake with a base of gluten-free biscuits. On the photo above it seems that the base is very high because I did not press the borders enough.

Recipe of lemon mousse cake with base of gluten-free biscuits


  • For the base:
    • 200g of gluten-free biscuits
    • 75g of dairy-free margarine
  • For the mousse:
    • 250g of lactose-free cream or vegetal whipped cream
    • 10g of non-flavored jelly
    • 3 eggs
    • 100g of lemon juice
    • the skin of one lemon
    • 150g of dextrose or powdered sugar


First we make the base, if we have a thermomix we put the biscuits and the margarine on the mixing bowl and program 2 minutes at 37ºC and speed 4. If we do it manually we cut the biscuits up until we have a texture similar to flour, then we heat the margarine until it is fluid and then we mix it with the biscuits flour.

We place the mix on a detachable mold and pressing with an spoon or a glass we try to make a compact base. We place it on the fridge while we prepare the mousse.

To make the mousse, first we grind the skin of the lemon, with no white on it, until it’s like powder. If you are using sugar, you can mix it with the lemon and grind it together to obtain the powdered sugar. We save it.

Now if you are using non whipped cream, we have to whip it. With the butterfly whisk on the thermomix, we whip at speed 3 1/2 until it’s done. We save it.

We heat the lemon juice to dissolve the jelly, with the thermomix we program 30 seconds at 100ºC and speed 1. Then we add the jelly and mix a few seconds until the jelly is completely. We save it.

After sepparing the whites and the yolks of the eggs, we take the yolks and put them on the mixer bowl of the thermomix, along with the dextrose (or the powdered sugar) and lemon skin mix. We program 5 minutes at 80ºC and speed 3 1/2. If you do it manually you have to heat the mix, stirring all the time, until its completely dissolved. Now we add the mix of lemon juice and jelly and mix for 10 seconds at speed 3 1/2. We place this mix on a big bowl and save it.

Finally we whip the whites of the eggs, to make the meringue, along with a pinch of salt and some drops of lemon juice. With the thermomix we place the butterfly whisk and program 5 minutes at speed 3 1/2.

Now it’s time to mix all the ingredients, on the big bowl with the cream and the meringue. First we add the cream, with slow movements, just to get the texture of the mousse. Once the cream it’s fully integrated we add the merengue until it’s also fully integrated.  We place the mousse on top of the biscuits base and place it on the fridge for a few hours.

As a final touch you can place a thin layer of peach or lemon jam on top of the mousse layer. This time I did not put this layer.

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