Sometimes is better not to ask…. darth vader backpack


Sometimes is better not to ask if you don’t want to make your live (and sewing) more difficult…

This year my son begins primary school and he needs a bigger backpack. Before sewing I asked him what color did he prefer and the answer was: I want a black darth vader backpack!!

After thinking and thinking and searching for patterns on the web, I decided I would made it all by my own, it could not be so difficult!!

I used my niece’s backpack as a model, and then began to modify sizes, shapes, sew, unstitch … until some days after (quite a lot) this was the result.

The pattern on the flap is hand-painted with textile paint. It has been my first time with textile paint and surely not the last…

I have to admit that my son is very pleased with the result 🙂

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