A cape for my princess


This year my daughter is in the princess phase, so for this carnival I am sewing a princess costume, that I will soon show you, once it’s finished.

As on the afternoon it’s quite cold, I wanted to make a cape to keep her warm. After some internet research I found this post from “De costuras y otras cosas” with a pattern I liked and also on my daughter’s size, so I didn’t think it twice….


The fabric is a white furry fleece, that I found on sales on my village’s fabric shop, which I thought it was perfect for the costume’s cape. What I did not thought about was the incredible amount of furry it would let go when I cut it. I have been sewing for two days with the vacuum machine on my side, every time I cut anything I had to vacuum the table and the floor to minimize the sneezing 🙂

On the inner side I have used brown lining cloth that I already had at home. Right now it’s completely covered with white furry, I hope it will disappear with a couple of washes…

Look at the princess fastener that I had used, my daughter is in love with it!!


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