A very troubling Rainu!!


Some weeks ago, on the January MsMW Pantigana invited us to sew a sweatshirt, the Rainu. Luckily it has been postponed for some time and she did not post the last part of the sewing along since last week.


I have been very busy with carnival costumes so I stop sewing the Rainu for some time. When I retook the sweatshirt I realized one of the hood pieces was missing… as I had so much sweatshirts with hood… I took it as a signal and I decided to sew the Rainu with a collar…. but there began the trouble… I had never sewn a sweatshirt with inside views before and I didn’t know exactly how to do it… the post instructions did not have the option of a sweatshirt without hood,  and I had some trouble figuring out how to fit all the pieces together….

After sewing and unstitching some times, I realized I needed a larger piece of fabric for the inside views, so I did another modification to the original pattern and I closed half of the sweatshirt’s front… then, on the midle of the front, there appeared a crease…

Al last, this is the result, it could be better, but for my first sweatshirt with views its ok for me… next time it will be better.


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