Homemade wet wipes


To celebrate my return to normality, and to this blog, after a long and great summer, I have decided to open a new category in the blog, which I have named “Homemade”.

Lately I have been thinking about how to reduce our exposition to some chemical products, that are not good for our skin. One of the first things that I have replaced are the industrial wet wipes for homemade ones.

They are easy to prepare, once you have found the right amount of liquids.

We need:

  • A wipes box or some other box that we have at home.
  • Kitchen paper. Usually I prepare 25 wipes every time, it will depend on the capacity of your box.
  • Water.
  • Hands or body soap.
  • Olive oil ( or any other oil you like).
  • Trea tea essence (or any other one you like).

We fold the kitchen paper on two, and then again on two. We place one paper on top of the other, alternating them, as shown on the photos.

One on top the other

First we fold the half that is underneath, here is the left one.

We place another wipe on top of the one that we have fold.

Then fold the wipe that is underneath, now is the right one. And place another wipe on top of the fold.

The wipes ready to be placed on the box.

We fill half of the box with water and then add 1 spoon of oil, another of soap and 3 or 4 drops of essence. Now we mix it.  You can modify this quantities according to your preferences.

The mix is ready.

Then we place half of the mix on a glass and then we place the wipes on the box.

We soak the upper side of the wipes with the mix on the glass.

That’s all, now the wipes are ready to be used!!

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