Recycling tees


One rainy afternoon well spent… my oldest son needed some trousers, as when spring arrives he can wear only fine cotton trousers to avoid eczemas on his legs. The problem is that kind of fabric breaks almost every time he wears it… so my days are full of repairing holes, placing knee-patches and sewing new trousers.

This time I have recycled some old tees that my family saves for us.

The patters is an adaptation of one I’ve found on the blog mi rincon de mariposas, that I adapt every time my son grows.

This trousers are made from two different tees as depending on the size of the tee is not enough to make one trousers, here is when I see that he is getting higher.

On these ones I have added some tissue from one arm of the tee on the upper part of the trousers as again, I need more fabric.

The last tee I used had some letters on the front that I didn’t like, so I covered them with part of the arm fabric and I made a pocket. I really hope I do not regret it when he arrives home with the pocket full of sand 🙂

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